Published Journal Articles – Year 2 (August 2015 – July 2016)

  • Srikanth Vijjamarri, Vamshi K. Chirada, Jana Rousova, and Guodong Du. (advance online publication Jan. 2016) Dehydrogenative Coupling of Alcohols and Carboxylic Acids with Hydrosilanes Catalyzed by a Salen Mn(V) complex, Catalysis. Science & Technology.   Read Article

  • Nassibeh Hosseini, Samad Javid, Ali Amiri, Dean C. Webster, Ghodrat Karami, Chad A. Ulven (2015). Micromechanical Viscoelastic Analysis of Flax Fiber Reinforced Bio-Based Polyurethane Composites. Journal of Renewable Materials, 3(3), 205-215 (11). DOI: 10.7569/JRM.2015.634112 Read Article

  • Songqi Ma and Dean C. Webster. (September, 30, 2015). Naturally occurring acids as cross-linkers to yield VOC-free, high performance, fully bio-based, degradable thermosets. Macromolecules, 48(19), pp 7127-7137. Read Article

  • Zhihan Wang, Brent Kastern, Katelyn Randazzo, Angel Ugrinov, Jonathan Butz, David W. Seals, Mukund P. Sibi, and Qianli R. Chu. (September 11, 2015). Linear polyesters synthesized from furfural-based monomer by photoreaction in sunlight. Green Chemistry, 17(10), 4720-4724.  Read Article

  • Ali Amiri, Nassibeh Hosseini, and Chad A. Ulven. (advance online publication August, 2015). Long-Term Creep Behavior of Flax/Vinyl Ester Composites Using Time-Temperature Superposition Principle. Journal of Renewable Materials, 3(3), 224-233(10). Read Article

  • Ali Amiri, Chad Ulven and Shanshan Huo. (October 13, 2015). Effect of Chemical Treatment of Flax Fiber and Resin Manipulation on Service Life of their Composites using Time-Temperature Superposition. Polymers, 7, pp 1965-1978.  Read Article