CSMS participants competed in the Agriculture track at NDSU’s Innovation Challenge 2017 and placed…..

Pictured (L to R): Burkart, Amiri, Helten, and Ulven

Two participants with the Center for Sustainable Materials Science (CSMS), PhD Graduate student Ali Amiri, and Master’s student Victoria Burkart – along with Britt Helten, a Master’s student also doing research on sustainability – presented their innovative idea ‘Sustainable Sporting Goods’ at this year’s Innovation Challenge at NDSU and placed 2nd in the Agricultural track! All three work on research under Dr. Chad Ulven, Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering at North Dakota State University.

Congratulations to Ali, Victoria and Britt on your winning innovative idea!

The sustainability research Dr. Ulven is working on in CSMS is what led the students to their innovative idea. Their idea had been selected, along with 43 other innovative ideas, to move on to the semi-final round of the Innovation Challenge scholarly competition that was held on January 30th, 2017 at NDSU’s Memorial Union.

Since the 2017 NDSU Innovation Challenge, Britt and Ali have graduated; and Ali, now Dr. Amiri, has joined the Mechanical Engineering faculty at NDSU as an Assistant Professor of Practice.  Congratulations Britt and Ali!

A little bit more about Dr. Amiri:

  • Ali has been working with CSMS since 2014 and has been developing bio-based composites using flax fiber and soybean oil resins developed by Dr. Dean Webster’s CSMS group.
  • What got him interested in the STEM/science field: The most interesting part about it is to find out about the science behind everything, design and create new ideas, and apply those ideas and science to everyday life with the goal of improving everyone’s life including future generations (sustainable design).

Below are some other photos for you to enjoy:

Burkart and Helten in the lab

Burkart and Helten at the event

Amiri at the event


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