Dr. Alena Kubátová presents at Science Café event Nov. 13, 2018

Dr. Alena Kubátová, Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of North Dakota, gave a Science Café talk in Stoker’s Basement on November 13, 2018.

Alena’s talk, Chemical analysis as CSI investigation: From biofuels to atmospheric particles, relates to her work with CSMS and covered the following (from her abstract):

“Everything around us consists of chemical compounds, yet often we do not know what they are. A single chemical or even a single atom position can change a chemical from being benign and useful to a nasty toxin. In addition, chemicals often occur as mixtures of hundreds if not thousands of individual components, for example, atmospheric particles or particulate matter. Among them, some chemicals are key to cloud condensation, climate change and human health. When designing new biofuels as complex mixtures, we also need to understand the individual components to be able to assess their potential or predict impact on our life. But, how do we go about it and how can we trust the data obtained?”

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