Graduate and undergraduate students present original research at NSF site visit

Graduate and undergraduate students from across North Dakota had the opportunity to present original research they have been conducting under the guidance of faculty affiliated with the Center for Sustainable Materials Science (CSMS) and the Center for Regional Climate Studies (CRCS), both funded by ND EPSCoR. The students worked with their advisor and with CSMS/CRCS communication personnel to design their poster, practice their presentation, and articulate a cohesive vision of how their work fits in with their teams, with ND EPSCoR, and with the needs of the State and its citizens. The posters were displayed and presented during a closed-door session with the NSF Site Visit panelists.

The students who participated are listed below, along with the related research center, their institution and ND EPSCoR Advisor and the title of their poster presentation. The names are in order as shown left to right in the photo further below, with 1st row names listed first, then 2nd row names:

  • Cheyenne Durant, CSMS, Mayville State University/Khwaja Hossain. Pretreatment and Use of Wheat Bran for Reinforcement in Injection Molded Polypropylene Composites.
  • Anna C. Renner, CSMS, North Dakota State University/Mukund Sibi. Bio-Derivable Alkoxybenzenes for the Synthesis of Sustainable Polymers.
  • Jordan Torgunrud, CSMS, Minot State University/Mikhail Bobylev. Rapid Synthesis of N-(4-methoxybenzyl)morpholine.
  • Krystal Grieger, CSMS, North Dakota State University/Mukund Sibi. Synthesis of Novel Dicarboxylic Acids from Biomass.
  • Jon Starr, CRCS, University of North Dakota/Jianglong Zhang. Connecting Interdisciplinary Models and Remote Sensing Techniques to Improve Resolution of Crop Simulations in the Northern Great Plains Region.
  • Soklida Hong, CRCS/CSMS, North Dakota State University/Eakalak Khan. Fate of Biobased Materials in Aquatic Environments: Potential Impact on Physical, Chemical, and Biological Characteristics of Receiving Waters.
  • Dan Dixon, CRCS, University of North Dakota/Haochi Zheng. Modeling Honey Bee Suitable Habitat in North Dakota Using Land Use and Insecticide Intensity.
  • Jonas M. Sahouani, CSMS, North Dakota State University/Dean Webster. Highly Functional Methacrylated Bio-based Resin Systems for UV and Visible Light-Curable Coatings.
  • Kara Bauer, CRCS, University of North Dakota/Cindy Juntunen. Predicting Rural and Frontier Students’ Environmental Science Considerations and Intentions.
  • Arvin Z. Yu, CSMS, North Dakota State University/Dean Webster. Bio-based Flax Fiber Composites from Bio-based Resins.
  • Billi Jean Peterman, CRCS, Dickinson State University/Eric Brevik. Land Management Changes and its Effects on Soil Microbial Communities.
  • Mohsen Tahmasebi Nasab, CRCS, North Dakota State University/Xuefeng Chu. Integrated Hydrologic Modeling (IHM) and Hydrologic Monitoring.
  • Austin King, CRCS, University of North Dakota/Aaron Kennedy. Severe Weather Environments of the Northern Plains.
  • Hayden Zander, CRCS, Valley City State University/Andre DeLorme. Dragonfly Distribution Changes May Indicate Climate Change in North Dakota.
  • Rahul Shahni, CSMS, University of North Dakota/Qianli ‘Rick’ Chu. Gemini Monomers: A New Approach towards High Performance Polymeric Materials.

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Blog post – November 2017