CSMS research into alternative uses for wheat bran was featured both in Mayville State University President’s weekly Traill County Tribune column December 2017, and in a Traill Country Tribune article on March 17, 2018

CSMS faculty researchers Khwaja Hossain and Atikur Rahman from Mayville State University and Chad Ulven from North Dakota State University, along with Mayville State undergraduate students are researching alternative uses for wheat bran.

Bran, the outer hard layer of the wheat kernel, is often removed in processing when wheat is refined and either sold at an extremely low price or disposed of as waste.

Given that North Dakota is a major wheat-producing state, ranking 2nd in 2016 in all wheat production1, alternative uses for wheat bran can make the bran by-product an important and profitable commodity for wheat farmers.

  • The December 2017 weekly column of Mayville State University President Gary Hagen for the Traill County Tribune included can be read here
  • The March 2018 Traill County Tribune article can be read here