Stuff of Life Blog Article: Research on the Prairie – Plastic from Plants

By Charles Good

Elementary school was a great time in my life. I walked the four blocks from our home in south central Pennsylvania to Lititz Elementary School with my mom and our yellow lab, Elsa. I played kickball and Four Square during recess. I performed in our school play. Through this blur of young excitement, learning and building, I remember a few key moments. One of them was my introduction to good storytelling.  I was in second grade, and my teacher, Mrs. Sitler, invited Mrs. Clarke (mother to one of my classmates) to perform for the class. While I don’t remember any of the stories she told, I remember the way she told them. Her voice had a distinctly deep timbre and her hands danced as she told us her stories. She came to our class for one year; the next year, there was no time for telling stories as the mountains of science, history, math, and language began piling up.

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* This blog item is from August 1, 2014 from the Chemistry Department’s ‘The Stuff of Life’ page and relates to CSMS activities under the previous CSMS funding.